Thursday, February 28, 2013

februaries are filled with...

Playing with filters and  effects
Lots of thrifting with Peculiar Pigeon and my Momsie aka Mom. Found some new thrift stores, one with fantastic antique furniture at great deals! Score!
Quick stop by Petco for what I call a "fluffy fix". Keeps my fluffy cravings in check so I won't loose it, go all crazy, and adopt five fluffies from the animal shelter and immediately regret it and the responsibilities of having a pet... hmmm, maybe it's time I got another horse... ooooh Lover Boy, what do you think about getting a horse...and keeping it in our rental... won't even notice, I promise! :-D
 Trips to A.C. Moore for new art pens and more newsprint with Peculiar Pigeon, who is attempting to hide most of her face and scowl at the camera here. So cute she is when she's grumpy faced! :-P
Continuing my love affair with taking pics of the sun and other lights
Casual fashion days
Tons of white paint and finishing up home decor projects to share later... 
Bird's nest!!
Museum dates with my love :-D
Florida living (Instagram pic)
And these freaking amaze-tastic vintage Ariat boots. I love love love them!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

hippie me

 Yea, I never grew out of the "little girl twirling in her dress" stage. Will always love a skirt that gives good spin. :-P
Just a day make-up free. For casual days, this outfit is a favorite of mine. Sooo comfortable and I love anything with a hippie flare. Also, the skirt gives amazing twirl which puts it on the A-list for me, and the shoes look familiar I'm sure... definitely still in love with them.
(Top is vintage 90s, thrifted from Waterfront Mission; skirt thrifted at Goodwill; necklace is from my accessories line, Rehcy by Anna Maria ; shoes are vintage Ariat bought on Ebay; headband from Wal-Mart; ring, I think Rue 21)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

catching up

27/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Leggings Order" 29 Jan 2013
Working on a pair of Rehcy Vonne's "Run Free" fringed leggings for an awesome customer
26/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Smile"
Yoga day!

25/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "News and Coffee"
Sharing news with friends over coffee at Coffee Grounz in Fort Walton Beach, FL

24/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Editing"
A day spent editing pictures

23/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Shipping"
Packaging and shipping orders to my wonderful customers

22/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Interview"
Interview with Luri and Wilma magazine
21/365 The Hands That Make Us  2013: "The Moon and Jupiter"
Holding up the moon, the sky, and Jupiter

20/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Surprise Visitor"
My love visiting the Rehcy studio

It's been a crazy, fun, and inspiring few weeks. I hope you enjoyed these latest snippets of the insanity. **AM

Thursday, February 21, 2013

a date with T.T. Wentworth Jr

Last Friday my Love and I visited the T.T. Wentworth Jr Museum in Pensacola, Florida for our Valentine's Day celebration. (We celebrated a day late due to our work schedules.) If you know anything about me, you know I absolutely love museums! We had a blast! 
Valentine's chocolate from my Love. Such a fabulous damask style print!
"Take the picture from this side, Babe."
Specialty coke bottles throughout the years. Love the Disney ones!
I think I need these antlers!
Awkward shot by my Love. He thinks it's funny.
Such an adorable little museum and a wonderful Valentine's date. Thank you, Baby. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

outfit day: these boots were made for... me

Completely in love with my "new" vintage Ariat riding boots I found on Ebay. Can not get enough of them! The ostrich detailing is perfection.
(Floral blazer- 90s vintage; denim blouse- thrift store find; skirt - TJ Maxx; tights- a gift; watch - vintage; bracelet- gift; and boots- vintage Ariat)

"That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well." 
Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Quote found at

Sunday, February 17, 2013

cupcakes and thrifting

Super delicious cupcakes with my Valentine date, Peculiar Pigeon, at A Cupcakery by the Sea. The cupcakes... mmmmm, so good!
(My Love had to work so Peculiar Pigeon and I went thrifting, yay!)
Most adorable bear bookends at Exodos Thrift Store.
Cupcakes for My Love, raspberry truffle and strawberry cream.

 Yea, I have a thing for gnomes. Love this one at De'France in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

A perfect Saint Valentine's Day. **AM