Tuesday, January 22, 2013

scarves and stripes

A casual weekend, spent blogging, editing pics, and grocery shopping, my 90s off-shoulder, v-neck sweater and my sci-fi inspired bun seemed perfect for such an exciting weekend. Love how the neck is a V in the back as well as the front. Now I have a week filled with sewing and designing ahead of me, and looking forward to it. Wearing a discount denim skirt I bought in 2006 in NYC for only $10.00 (How could I pass that up?!), 80s clip on earrings, Loft scarf, shoes (gifted), and some of my favorite rings which I've had so long that I forgot wear I bought them. Hmm, just thought about it, this entire outfit cost less than $25.00! Yea, I'm good. :-D

Monday, January 21, 2013

goals, visits, and holding hands

19/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Holding Hands"
Just holding hands and watching "The Cleveland Show"
18/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Visiting"
A hot guy stopping by the Rehcy studio for a visit. :-P
17/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Daily Goals"
Checking off accomplishments for the day. Part of my New Year's Resolutions, creating monthly, weekly, and daily goals that I review every night.

Friday, January 18, 2013

tuesday night and buttons

16/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Buttons"
Sewing buttons on a Rehcy Vonne garment.
 Had to add this, the water splatter from the sink made a four toed foot. My Love's water art. :-P
15/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Tuesday Night"
 Dish-washing night again. Does holding his arm count as helping?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

no more games

14/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "No More Games"
Baby, no more video games tonight, let's cuddle and watch a Stephen King movie. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

roses and rainbow sprinkles

13/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Rainbow Sprinkles"
Some frozen yogurt with a hot guy. :-D Gotta love the simple stuff.
12/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Roses"
Roses from my Love. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

first dinner

11/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "First Dinner"
Fajitas as our first dinner on the new reclaimed wood and pallet table my father and I made. Love how the table turned out. So excited to have dinner on it for the first time!

Friday, January 11, 2013

pizza night

10/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Pizza Night"
Pizza night with my Love. He insists on getting those disgusting black things aka olives aka food roaches. Yuck!

bookshelf restyle

The color scheme for my living room decor consists of mostly white with a few touches of earth tones and natural woods. In order to fit within a teeny budget, I've been repainting some of my old furniture and thrift store finds bright white. I am obsessed with this color! I just love how it makes your home so much brighter and open feeling. I'm an artist, dangit, I need openness and light in order for my creativeness to survive. :-D
This little old bookshelf I bought from Wal-Mart in college is my first piece of furniture to get the bright white make over. Here's my bookshelf restyle.

 Bookshelf before, just a simple metal and particle board shelf dreaming of a solid white make-over.

After sanding the entire shelf with my, I mean Dad's, wonderful, little Craftsman sander.

Krylon spray primer and flat white spray paint. Love this stuff! 

After priming, already getting an idea of what it will look like when complete. 

Starting the first coat of white. 

Second coat, third coat, fourth coat, ughh, are we done yet?

After letting it dry for a day, then comes the most fun part, decorating. The vases are all from flowers given to me from my Love over the past years. At first the shell filled vase was empty, but it needed a little more color, and I had recently bought a box of shells at a flea market, soooo ta-dahhh!!

A little wooden totem bird I previously painted white, and one of my favorite gifts, a carved rock from Arches National Park that Peculiar Pigeon gave me. It adds a beautiful touch of earth tone to the shelf.

Detail shot of my beautiful roses from my Love, and a peek at some painted frames from a project to be shared in a future post. **AM

Thursday, January 10, 2013

spontaneous hugs

9/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Spontaneous Hugs"
Irritating my Love with spontaneous hugs while he plays his juegos de video. Also, having fun learning about all the never before used aspects of my photo editing software. Though I am only shooting hands in this project, daily photography really helps improve my editing and photo composition awareness. I'm enjoying it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

late night snack

8/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Late Night Snack"
My Love eating his late night cereal snack before bed. So cute with his socks. Sorry I did not get this picture up before midnight. **AM

Monday, January 7, 2013

bit of yellow

7/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Bit of Yellow"

Guest for today, my great friend, Peculiar Pigeon . Painting some adorableness. Paint party at the Rehcy studio! **AM

cinnamon swirl

This was my 40s inspired do for my Love's office party. I wanted to style it elegant and different.
Little pinned, cinnamon swirl with some freaking amazing, discus looking vintage clip-on earrings.
Completely ended up loving this hair-do, and will be wearing it more often. **AM

Sunday, January 6, 2013


6/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Dishwasher"
Chose a black and white version for the project today. Super pumping the contrast and brightness adds a surrealistic yet artsy glam look to the picture. Never knew that dish-washing could look so cool, huh?

And here's a color version just for kicks...or maybe because I had an agonizingly hard time choosing which version to use for the project today. Still debating on whether or not I made the right choice. **AM

Saturday, January 5, 2013

living-room waltz

5/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Living-room Waltz"
Dancing in the living-room after watching "Looper." Such a depressing movie, geesh! And the uglifying of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, how could they?! Played with more settings and adjustments with these pictures. The challenge is really giving me an in depth study of my editing software! Whew, by the end of this, I'll be an expert!
5B/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Breaking Bread"
5C/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Movie Night"
Wanted to share a few extra pics with you. My Love breaking bread at the steakhouse and me jumping in front of him to take a picture of his hands while he set up the TV for movie night. He thinks I'm crazy. :-P He's right. :-D  **AM

so little time

Day off spent out thrifting with Peculiar Pigeon. So many thrift stores and flea markets, so little time
 Cool little guy
And the favorite of everything we saw, this print was gorgeous. Petite femme francaise! Love it so much! 
May have to go back for it!! **AM

Friday, January 4, 2013

green beans

4/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Green Beans"
Handing me green beans to put in the refrigerator. Using our new bowls we received for Christmas.
His idea for the picture, so cute when he's being creative. :-D

Thursday, January 3, 2013

3/365 what a chili day

3/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: What a Chili Day
Chili dinner together at home, yum, yum, yum!!
(Lighting was bad today, gotta get me a camera that can take better pictures when its dark)