Friday, January 11, 2013

bookshelf restyle

The color scheme for my living room decor consists of mostly white with a few touches of earth tones and natural woods. In order to fit within a teeny budget, I've been repainting some of my old furniture and thrift store finds bright white. I am obsessed with this color! I just love how it makes your home so much brighter and open feeling. I'm an artist, dangit, I need openness and light in order for my creativeness to survive. :-D
This little old bookshelf I bought from Wal-Mart in college is my first piece of furniture to get the bright white make over. Here's my bookshelf restyle.

 Bookshelf before, just a simple metal and particle board shelf dreaming of a solid white make-over.

After sanding the entire shelf with my, I mean Dad's, wonderful, little Craftsman sander.

Krylon spray primer and flat white spray paint. Love this stuff! 

After priming, already getting an idea of what it will look like when complete. 

Starting the first coat of white. 

Second coat, third coat, fourth coat, ughh, are we done yet?

After letting it dry for a day, then comes the most fun part, decorating. The vases are all from flowers given to me from my Love over the past years. At first the shell filled vase was empty, but it needed a little more color, and I had recently bought a box of shells at a flea market, soooo ta-dahhh!!

A little wooden totem bird I previously painted white, and one of my favorite gifts, a carved rock from Arches National Park that Peculiar Pigeon gave me. It adds a beautiful touch of earth tone to the shelf.

Detail shot of my beautiful roses from my Love, and a peek at some painted frames from a project to be shared in a future post. **AM

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