Saturday, January 5, 2013

living-room waltz

5/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Living-room Waltz"
Dancing in the living-room after watching "Looper." Such a depressing movie, geesh! And the uglifying of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, how could they?! Played with more settings and adjustments with these pictures. The challenge is really giving me an in depth study of my editing software! Whew, by the end of this, I'll be an expert!
5B/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Breaking Bread"
5C/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Movie Night"
Wanted to share a few extra pics with you. My Love breaking bread at the steakhouse and me jumping in front of him to take a picture of his hands while he set up the TV for movie night. He thinks I'm crazy. :-P He's right. :-D  **AM

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