Tuesday, January 22, 2013

scarves and stripes

A casual weekend, spent blogging, editing pics, and grocery shopping, my 90s off-shoulder, v-neck sweater and my sci-fi inspired bun seemed perfect for such an exciting weekend. Love how the neck is a V in the back as well as the front. Now I have a week filled with sewing and designing ahead of me, and looking forward to it. Wearing a discount denim skirt I bought in 2006 in NYC for only $10.00 (How could I pass that up?!), 80s clip on earrings, Loft scarf, shoes (gifted), and some of my favorite rings which I've had so long that I forgot wear I bought them. Hmm, just thought about it, this entire outfit cost less than $25.00! Yea, I'm good. :-D

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