Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Umm, Avatar...Umm, Pocahontas

Hey Hey Everyone!

Today I'm going to be writing on a different type of trend than usual...Films.

Everyone has been talking about how great this movie is, and I just today saw that it is quickly catching up on Titanic's title as number one grossing movie of all time. When I saw Avatar a while back, I came out of the theater thinking...

Wow, graphics were beautiful--thoughts stopped there. That was truly all I was impressed with. Then my friends start telling me how much they enjoyed the movie. At this I thought, "Wow, really, didn't expect that. I have to say I wasn't very impressed."

Next I start reading all these raves on the movies greatness and innovation. And I have to say, has society really come to this? Are we really raving about something that has a completely recycled storyline? Have we no creativity left? Do modern movies really rely on graphics alone to entertain?

This movie actually insults ethnic/tribal traditions. What the heck were the creators thinking?! What, are all "savages" the same or something? Do they really think that if there were other planets with intelligent life, that those life forms would just happen to have "savages" with traditions and beliefs that so closely resemble our Native Americans, African, and Indians? The first look at the "savage" tribe shows a very strong references to Native Americans, but then, oh wait, the tribal queen some how reminds you of an African medicine woman. Then next thing you know, they are doing group meditation like Indian yogis.

The story was so typical, that most of the time I was having deja vu...Pocahontas, anyone? Every other tribal conquering story, anyone? White man wants to take over native "gold," sent to make faux friends with "savages," falls for tribal princess, and has change of heart. Hmmm, looks like straight laziness on the story writers' part to me.

Like I said, beautiful, innovative, and unique describe the graphics and scenery. So if you're going for these reasons, then by all means you will definitely be satisfied. However, if you are looking for an actual good movie with a great story then please, go see something else!

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