Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Beautiful Emma Watson

As I'm sure, many of you know, the new Harry Potter movie releases wide in the USA this week.
So I thought it only proper to write a post about the beautiful, stylish, sparkling Emma Watson!!
Here are some of her recent and my favorite looks...

Emma 11 November 2010
When I saw this dress today I almost died, the gorgeousness of the dress nearly killed me! lol I absolutely love it!! Emma looks hot HOT in it!

Emma August 2010
This look is cute, fun, and casual. Makes me smile! :-)

Emma November 2010
The A-symmetrical draping on this dress rocks!

Emma September 2009
Though Miss Watson received a huge amount of flak due to this dress malfunctioning in the London wind and rain, this look is still my ultimate fave!! The color, the cut, the neckline, the fabric...everything works, hurricane winds and flashing fans your underwear or not!! Not to mention, Emma remained classy throughout the entire debacle. Emma, if this dress disappears from your closet, I promise it wasn't me...maybe...

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