Thursday, February 24, 2011

Style & Beauty Tip of the Day: Cell Phone Acne

If you have a persistent rash or zits that only shows along your jawline and on your cheek, chances are you are allergic to cell phones. (Men, do not confuse with razor bumps.) Do a search on it; many reports exist stating that cell phones cause breakouts. Even if you never let the mobile phone actually touch your face, it can still cause it a rash. I know you're not going to stop using your phone, so instead try using an ear-piece or only using speaker phone. When I started doing this, my skin cleared up fantastically! 
Try it, go a week only using Bluetooth & speaker. It will make a huge difference. However, don't slip up, one quick phone call can cause a major set back in your skin's healing.

Another thing that helps, is not to lean your face on your hands when using the computer, reading, sitting at your desk etc.

I know it will be hard to break these habits, but it will definitely be worth it!! 

Good luck!!!  :-)

"Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can."
Quote by Elsa Maxwell

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