Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monthly Fashion Favorites: June 2011

And the June Stylees go to...

There's something about the gentle color of this dress combined with the simple yet futuristic belt that makes me stand back and say "Wow, Rose, you look amazing!" The metal detailing adds a harder edge that making it a step above.
Rose McGowan 16 June 2011

I think it's the slight vampirey touch to this look that attracts me.
Chloe Sevigny 6 June 2011

Though her expression is not looking so fabulous, I'm always a sucker for the prairie/hippie/gypsy/boho look, especially when it's combined with a western inspired, tan leather belt. This look is so wonderfully Free People. Oh, and congrats on the great bod, Kirstie!
Kirstie Alley 22 June 2011

The insanely bright dress, combined with the almost cartoony make-up, somehow just works. When I see this ensemble, I think, comic super-hero going to a comic book ball, and because I secretly wish comics were real, I can't get over this look!
Emma Watson 5 June 2011

The soft, flowing shirt combined with the leather pants makes her look killer!! I'm sweet and pretty, but I can still kick your butt!! Hmm, more comic books are real fantasies again...Ha Ha
Leighton Meester 9 June 2011

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Quote by Albert Einstein

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