Thursday, January 19, 2012

golden globes in shades of nudes...

Seems that shades of nudes and beiges was a huge trend at the 2012 Golden Globes this Sunday. 
As this is a trend I love, elegant, beautiful, and modern, I hope it continues through the new year.

Here are a few of our ladies showing how it's done!

The cut, the super sheer shoulders, the elegance..what's not to love?
Diane Lane 15 January 2012

The vintage style of this one is to die for...
Watch your back, girl, this one may have to get jacked! :-)
By the way, loving the dark hair.
Jessica Biel 15 January 2012

Though the hair in make-up is very gorgeously Marilyn Monroe,
the dress well...let's just say leaves a little bit to be desired.
Amy Poehler 15 Jan 2012

This one has a princess style...or maybe prom. Still pretty.
Julie Bowen 15 January 2012

Miss Beckinsale looks absolutely gorgeous. I like the dress, but it somehow has a wedding dress look to it. It's got to be the lace.
Kate Beckinsale 15 January 2012

Piper showing us that red carpet events do not always have to be serious. :-P
Piper Perabo 15 January 2012

This look has it all, Bohemian hair and jewelry, futuristic seams on the bodice, traditional elagance of the mermaid, love love! Way to go Miss Macpherson!
Elle Macpherson 15 January 2012

Hmm...well...ummmmm.. How's your day going, by the way?
Emily Watson 15 January 2012

The ruching and style of the bodice is lovely, yet the hair and accessories not so much.
A Greek inspired updo with a long pendant necklace would have been ice-cream tons better.
Sarah Paulson 15 January 2012

The Sci-fi cut with the Egyptian inspired embellishment looks like something straight from Stargate, which by the way, I super love. Yep, this dress may have to be stolen. You're killing it Nicole!
This dress also happens to be my Love's favorite of the night. Apparently guys like form fitting dresses... I wonder why... :-P
Nicole Kidman 15 January 2012

Miss McPhee showing us that the nude look can also be sweet and innocent.
Anyone excited about her new television show?
Katherine McPhee 15 January 2012

This one seemed to be the favorite of the night, and I can see why...the artistic elegance of the dress, the oh so Hollywood updo, the fact that it's worn by Charlize Theron...
yep, I can see why it's the favorite of the evening.
Charlize Theron 15 January 2012
Now on to my favorite of the group...
Worn by Miss Giuliana Rancic
The flowing silk chiffon skirt, the sculpted sci-fi looking bodice, the gold embellishment at the waist...absolutely, positively needs to be in my closet now!
Miss Rancic, better keep this one locked up! :-)
Giuliana Rancic 15 January 2012

"Bravery never goes out of fashion."
Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray

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