Monday, January 2, 2012


PREDICTIONS IN STYLE for 2012... duhn, duhn, duuuhhhhhnnnn....

1. "Effortless" beauty. Natural, free, comfortable, and I just woke up looking like this.
2. An even stronger continuance of the health and organic craze. Which I myself have fallen victim too.  :-D
3. On the opposite end we will continue with the edgy leathers, futuristic cuts, and rock chic styles. Combining the three for sexy sci-fi awesomeness. (Love!)
4. The most popular trend will be the continuing hunt for the fountain of youth.
5. While the most important "fashionable" trend will be a larger focus on philanthropy. So find a favorite charity, one close to your heart, and pour yourself into it. Happy 2012, dawls!!

Jennifer Garner July 2011
A 2011 example of "Effortless" beauty that will most likely continue through 2012.

Miss Angelina November 2011
Always a favorite example of Effortless beauty and philanthropy.

Kate Beckinsale Nov 2011
Beautifully showing, with her toned legs, tan skin, and gorgeously healthy hair, 2012's second fashion trend of health and fitness.

Stacy Keibler October 2011
An cool and hot example of the futuristic trend to continue through 2012

Victoria Beckham November 2011
Another example of the edgy, futuristic trend. Love the leggings!

Michelle Pfeiffer October 2011
A goddess example and a queen of the most important trend...
Mastering the fountain of youth! Please, great queen, give us commoners the key!

Demi Moore September 2011
Another goddess of the Fountain of Youth. Dang, girl!

Oprah, always philanthropic, at the opening of her School for Girls in Africa.

Now you know the future. I've looked into my Crystal Ball of Fashion and let you in on the secrets. :-D
Take it or leave it.
But will you be on 2012's best or worst dressed lists?

"When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters - one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity."
Quote by Saul David Alinsky

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