Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my style idols: 14 aug 2012

Angelina for the simple, dark angel, glamour of well... her everything. Yep, I'm a Jolie groupie.
(Photo: Vogue magazine)

Rumi Neely for her crazy glamour and the casualness of a 70s rock goddess--modernized. Dang, this chick's fashion rocks!
(Photo: www.fashiontoast.com)

(Photo: People magazine online)

(Photo: BackSeatCuddler.com)

The gorgeous Megan Fox for her casual rocker style, and her ability to make absolutely everything look bombshell. Doesn't that just make you wanna throw tantrums?! :-D

Mary-Kate and Ashley just for wearing whatever the heck they want. Somehow reminding me of eccentric old ladies, and I love it!
(Photo: People magazine online)

 And the amazing beautiful Andrea from Andrea's Choice for her hair, make-up, and unbelievable natural beauty. Anytime I'm wondering what to do make-up wise or just need to be inspired, I go watch one of her how-to videos.

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