Thursday, March 14, 2013

little bookcase redo

My little bookcase all redone in white. So cute!
Here is the before and after and redo process.
This is the bookcase before, dark brown faux woodgrain... ughh!
First I sanded the entire case, and then wiped off all the dust with a damp cleaning towel. The sandpaper I used was Sandblaster from Wal-Mart, and the sander used...
was my trusty little Black & Decker. I love this thing and use it in every furniture project.
Now time for primer, I used Zinnser 1-2-3 Primer for all surfaces.
First primer coat in process
Painting is the step I love most. The paint is Valspar Ultra Paint plus primer in Ultra White. The paint is a paint and primer, but Lowe's recommended putting an actual primer underneath, which is why I did used the Zinnser primer before painting.
Look at that first coat. The bottom is not painted here because I was waiting for my Love to get home so he could help me flip the case upside down to paint it. This shelf may look a bit dainty, but she's a heavy one! A second coat was needed, and after waiting 24 hours for a complete dry between coats, it was time to move her inside.
Next I had my own personal, professional shelf installer put the shelves back in for me. Such a cutie!
And there it why does it seem so much simpler here than it was in reality. **AM

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