Thursday, May 30, 2013

diary of may

 Here's a few pics to sum up May's adventures...
Umbrella's at the Back Porch in Destin, FL
Rainbow of houses on Pensacola Beach, FL
Little cutie squinting into the sun at Back Porch Destin, FL 
Sunset over Pensacola Beach, FL
On a nature trail at Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park in Niceville, FL
Sunset over Warrington, FL 
 Yeah, I've got a thing for photographing sunsets. Who doesn't?
Another pic of Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park
His version of "posing" while we house shop
Pic of another nature trail at Fred Gannon 
Isn't this trail beautiful?
(Pic taken with my Droid Bionic)
Another sunset over Pensacola Beach
Almost missed the spaceship house on Pensacola Beach
Yes, aliens are hiding among us! Michael?...Oh Michael Guerin, are you in there?
(If you do not know who he is, watch the show Roswell, and then you'll understand why I'm searching for him...ooooh weeeee, hottie!)
A haunted lantern at Back Porch in Destin, FL
Hope you enjoyed.
See you next month, dolls!
(All pictures taken with my Olympus unless otherwise noted)

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