Wednesday, March 6, 2013

cupcakes, college grads, and love

32/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Sunday Blogging" 17 Feb 2013
Sundays are my blog day, so they are always filled with lots of picture editing. It's fun looking through all the pictures I've taken throughout the week. Makes me feel as if I've actually accomplished a few things. 
31/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "S'more Please" 16 Feb 2013
2013 Resolution progress, painting, designing, movie and s'more meeting with my very own Peculiar Pigeon. Do you have you have your own Peculiar Pigeon? If you do, know that they like s'mores.
30/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Valentine Love" 15 Feb 2013
Heading out on our Valentine's date a day late because my Love had to work on Saint Valentine's Day. It was an amazing day!
29/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Cupcake Valentine" 14 Feb 2013
Super delicious cupcakes with my Valentine date, Peculiar Pigeon, at A Cupcakery by the Sea.
28/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "College Grad" 11 Feb 2013
My baby bro receiving his Associate in Arts Degree! So proud of him! I love you, lil Bro!

Hope you enjoyed these little snippets of my life! **AM

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