Thursday, March 7, 2013

little bookcase in white

I've had this bookcase in storage since college planning to paint it one day. Finally it happened! The case was a perfect fit for the corner of our living-room. What do you think? For the decor colors I've been going for a clean, semi-minimalist inspired, majoritively white look broken up with shades of brownish natural-tones and tiny bits of black. I love openness and light because they incite feelings of creative freedom. I keep telling my Love that it's our little Greek desert oasis. Which I know makes zero sense, but hey, you get the idea 
We originally planned to use it for our movie collection, but after placing it, I decided to use it for books instead. Now we just have to collect all of the classics in those lovely, antique inspired Leatherbound Classics from Barnes and Noble because no puny paperback will be found in our gorgeous bookcase!!  (Yes, I'm crazy, I know, and that's why my beautiful birthday, Jeffrey Campbell Litas are on the shelf.) 
I'm just sharing the bookcase's "after" pictures in this post, and I'll share the "before" pics and redo process in a later post.
I am so happy with how it turned out. Can't wait to get more of the Leatherbound Classics for it!

These Greek inspired, carved stone, vintage bookends were bought at Goodwill for just $5.00!!! I was so happy to find them. I love the color so much, and of course, I love horses... and Greek inspired things... so yea, a win, win, win!

My lil' antique chair thrifted on one of my trips with Peculiar Pigeon.
 I'm not usually a fan of faux flowers, but I love these. They were part of my high-school graduation bouquet. The pitcher vase was given to by my mother because she knows I love decorating with white. She also gave me the white basket on the shelf.
As I took the last few pics for this post, I made a late addition to the decor... this little arch was a gift from Peculiar Pigeon. It's one of my absolute favorite decor pieces.
Have a great Thursday! **AM

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