Wednesday, April 3, 2013

cars, gardening, & japanese

60/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "My Cute New Plant" 15 March 2013
I saw this little succulent and absolutely had to get it. It's gorgeous, and more importantly it helps alleviate my cravings for desert life. 
59/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Playing With the Car" 15 March 2013
 Playing around with his monster of a car again. My little nerd. I love how this pic turned out; his hands look so handsome...if you can say that about hands... This is probably my favorite pic of the series so far.
58/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Blue Flowers Only" 15 March 2013
My new flowers. When it comes to flowers for the front porch, I only buy blue or white ones cause I'm weird like that.
57/365 The Hands That Make Us 2013: "Japanese" 14 March 2013
That's right, learning Japanese for our move later this year. I'm going to be living bi-country and tri-lingual! What?!

Wow, I'm really happy with this batch of pictures. Hope you are as well!

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